Rockstar Explains the Reason Behind the Delay of GTA V PC

After a mystery for a long time, Rockstar finally officially announced the release ladder GTA V latest generation version. The “fall 2014” reply Rockstar always kept from his announcement at the 2014 E3 event finally gets the exact details, a date that deserves to be anticipated. Especially considering Rockstar itself claims this latest version will come with the addition of significant content, although most seem to be cosmetic. Unfortunately a thousand dear, PC gamers will not be able to taste this dragon ball z dokkan battle as fast as they want and get hack tool on .

Although it has denied there is a delay process to the year 2015, Rockstar just confirmed it in GTA V PC version. GTA V version of Playstation 4 and Xbox One can already be enjoyed since November 2014, but new PC gamers can touch it in early January 2015, delayed several months. What is the reason behind this delay? Understanding the concerns of PC gamers, in their official blog, Rockstar explains that this extra time is needed to ensure GTA V PC version comes in the best possible quality. They want to polish it as best they can. Rockstar also promises to share more details in the next few weeks.
Rockstar reasoned that extra time is needed to polish GTA V PC version as well as possible.

dragon ball z dokkan battle Playstation 4 and Xbox One will launch November 18, 2014, while the PC version will follow on January 27, 2015. Well, hope it turns out really awesome, Rockstar ..

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Android ver Review

The game is very awaited by the fans who average the 90’s gamers finally comes also on Android. Surely this becomes a special surprise from Natsume which is enough to make excited the fans of Harvest Moon because previously only present on the IOS. KotGa crew opportunity to review the Android version is certainly not much different from its IOS version. Let’s just see the direct details.

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is a Harvest Moon game with a system of antiquity you’ve ever known (if ever played Back to Nature). All features such as cooking contests, starry night festivals, cooking based on recipes and ingredients obtained from the fields, upgrading gardening tools, mineing, socializing with local people and more and how hack NBA Live Mobile .

The game system presented to Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is a gameplay of the first Harvest Moon series, as promised by Natsume Inc. Some time ago. Gamers are assigned to repair and care for the fields, players also need to make friends with the villagers to open “Seeds of Memories”. This can be solved by giving favorite objects to the residents.

In this game, Kotakers can take care of farm animals like sheep, cows and chickens. In caring for cattle, Kotakers must be patient and careful to maintain their moods such as feeding regularly, talking and giving body. The better the mood then the higher the quality of the harvest they provide. The harvest of the chicken is the egg, the harvest of the cow is milk, and the harvest of the sheep is the fur.

Then also plant a variety of vegetables such as onions, radishes, tomatoes, and beautiful flowers in the area of ​​the plantation that has been provided. Like the Harvest Moon series in general, the types of vegetables that can be planted in this game depends on the season. What spring, summer, different, autumn let alone, and winter can not plant anything in the fields.

Despite bringing the old game system, but the appearance of this game is not the same. So do not expect that this game will look like Back to Nature because Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories using the viewing angle from above and of course with good graphics and animation. Besides graphics, control is a very new one in this game because NBA Live Mobile gamers have to control the game with a touch, not a controller like in the console.

PC Gaming Market Now Bigger Than Consoles!

PC is the strongest gaming platform right now, a fact that can no longer be contested. Its dynamic nature makes its ability to vary depending on the economic capabilities of its users, a trait that contradicts the console as a gaming product that can no longer be contested. Unfortunately, despite the fact that developers and publishers have a chance to present their games in the best form on this platform, the PC just seems unlucky. Many cool games that eventually skip the PC as a release platform. Fortunately, slowly but surely, it is now seen as a lucrative potential market. No kidding, the PC gaming market even claimed to have grown two times higher than the console and visit dragon ball z dokkan battle hack .

The results of this analysis is thrown by Jon Peddie Research (JPR) related to the development of the game industry today. Regardless of the release of Playstation 4 and Xbox One are still “fresh”, the dominance of the sales platform is actually held by the PC. The PC hardware market is currently worth more than USD 21.5 Billion worldwide, or twice that of the gaming console market. Ted Pollak of JPR suggests that many gamers are now more interested in investing their money to build mid-end and high-end PCs, offering easy performance to subdue the latest generation consoles. This is also a testament to showing the PC market itself is still strong and healthy.
The PC market is reportedly twice the price of the console, showing strong and healthy conditions.

So what’s the effect for us as gamers? If the claim thrown by JPR is true, then it would be very irrational for developers and publishers to skip the potential benefits they can get from the PC market. As a result, more AAA games are likely to slide for this one platform. Not only that, the potential to continue to grow is still wide open, especially with Virtual Reality technology that continues to get great attention. Because as we know, VRs like Oculus Rift require a high enough specification to be optimally enjoyed.

Square Enix: Kingdom Hearts 3 In Full Speed!

Hate and love, skeptical and hopeful at the same time, it is this relationship that seems to be decorating everyday developers – Square Enix with a fan base sharing so many precious moments with it. After having performed so stunningly in E3 2013 ago through the announcement of Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3, all the hype that was built must be destroyed this year. The first six months of 2014, and gamers are completely blind and do not get any updated information supply related to these two latest generation series. They even passed the event E3 2014 yesterday without a strong reason. The question now, how are the development process?

In his interview with GameInformer gaming site, co-director Madden Mobile hack – Tai Yasue assured that the development process of Sora’s latest adventure series is going very well, even running at full speed. The team structure has been built in such a way as to ensure the KH HD 2.5 Remix project does not hamper the development of Kingdom Hearts 3 at all. Currently, their teams are still trying out a variety of potential that can be embedded in it, especially from creative content and technology carried. One of the focuses today is to develop more variations of attraction-based attacks that had been the focus of the last Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay trailer some time ago. Not only that, they are also trying to offer more new content from Disney world. Yasue even claimed to be interested in “Frozen”.

So what makes them ignore E3 2014 yesterday to provide extra information related to Kingdom Hearts 3? Yasue confessed that Square Enix did make this year the year of Madden Mobile remix and focused on promoting the series for the Playstation 3. Yasue did claim to provide more information related to Kingdom Hearts 3 in future gaming events, though still without any details.

Get Battlefield Hardline PC Beta Access Now!

A pretty good presentation at E3 2014 yesterday, EA and Visceral Games did come with an extra surprise. Battlefield Hardline which appeared in various teasers and screenshots that leaked first in cyberspace became its own prima donna, and EA did not seem to want to lose the momentum to continue to introduce this latest series to the public. Unlike the previous Battlefield series which usually open the beta a week or two before the commercial launch, Battlefield Hardline decided to take this phase – 4 months before its release in October. Unfortunately, this super high enthusiasm was injured by the inviting queue. As a result? Those who want to join must be faced with uncertainty.

If you are one of the PC gamers who are faced with these unpleasant consequences, you may be happy. What is article? Because EA and Visceral finally open this beta period to the public freely, without any invitation system.

All you have to do now is sign up on the official Mobile Legends free diamonds  Beta website (sign up again if you’ve done before), and hit the “Get it Now!” Button. The process runs very fast, and this game will automatically fit into your “My Games” tab. No more queuing, no more waiting. What you need to do next, just download.

Activision Lebur Developer Tony Hawk and Call of Duty

Neversoft, most of the gamers who just tasted the gaming industry may not be too familiar with this one name. But those who grew up with the first generation Playstation, Neversoft become legendary developers that can not be underestimated. Through their cool hands, games like Apocalypse – an action game to make the actor Bruce Willis the main character and of course the most popular skating game – Monster legends exist in the gaming industry. Unfortunately, decades of building a name under this Activision should end. Activision ensures the closure of this one studio developer.

Rather than being closed, a merger process seems to be a more appropriate word. Neversoft’s name probably will not be heard again in the future, but they will now become part of the popular franchise Activision – Call of Duty. Indeed, Activision confirmed the merger process between Neversoft and Infinity Ward – the developer behind COD: Ghosts and Modern Warfare, into a gigantic new studio. Neversoft lost its name, and the name of this new studio combined more massive still carry the name “Infinity Ward” in it. Neversoft himself was appointed to handle the “Exctinction” mode in COD: Ghosts some time ago. The combined studio will be headed by Infinity Ward’s own studio head – Steve Ackrich.

With the decision to defend the name “Infinity Ward” despite the merger that brought together two major developers, it seems that Activision’s intention to make it one of Monster legends hack 2017 “factories” is very clear. Will this new energy injection from Neversoft make the next Call of Duty project from Infinity Ward – which is set to slide in two years – perform better? Let’s wait.

One thing is certain, with the loss of Neversoft’s name from the gaming industry, it is also missing the existence of one of the giant developers of this past season. Goodbye, Neversoft ..

Prime Screen of Call of Duty 2014 & NBA Live Mobile Visual Next-Gen Performance

Nda including gamers who are curious about Call of Duty 2014? The project that makes next-gen as the top priority is indeed promising a graphical improvement that is very far when compared to COD: Ghost.

To slightly cure the curiosity of gamers, Sledgehammer Games as a developer recently showcased a screenshot that is claimed to be the visualization of the characters in the NBA Live Mobile game.

Indeed the screenshots were exhibited at the Games Developers Conference event in San Francisco last month. Unfortunately, because it only appeared at a glance, the media crew present did not have time to immortalize it.

Thanks to IGN who ended up posting the same image on their site. The screenshot which is the ‘actual in-game character’ shows a very detailed visualization of a man’s face. Sledgehammer seems to want to prove the ‘next-gen taste’ in free coins NBA Live Mobile hack.

Please note that Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty has been developed for nearly three years as part of their development cycle for the Call of Duty series. The platform is likely to be PC, PS4, and Xbox One where autumn 2014 is allegedly the beginning of its emergence. Let’s wait for further announcements from Sledgehammer and Activision as a publisher.

Clash royale & Dead Space Original Now Free on Origin

Do you include gamers who always dream of the opportunity to taste the sensation of owning the original game? Compared to the distribution format a few years ago, the popularity of the Steam class online distribution portal did have its own advantages, especially from the fact that they also became the pillar of the distribution of free to play quality games with a series of tempting discounts. This opportunity is also more open through a variety of interesting bundles via Humble Bundle. But if these two options are still unexpected for you, then there is a rare opportunity to taste one of the best survival horror games ever created – Clash royale gemme gratuites.

True, the game that positions you as Isaac Clarke is indeed praised, especially because of the success of the developers – Visceral offers the right creepy atmosphere. Although counted as an old game, series Dead Space primacy of course still relevant to be enjoyed at this time

And the best news, EA finally open the first Dead Space access for free through their distribution portal – Origin. You can download this game at no cost at all, and save it for good. This is a new policy for EA Origin’s latest program ” Clash royale”.

This lucrative deal alone will be available until May 9, 2014. Grab it now!

EA Firm Employee Developer Plants vs. Zombies & dragon ball z dokkan battle

Popcap is one of the foundations that build a casual community of gamers, it is a fact that can not be refuted. Long before it got into the mobile market, Popcap has spawned so many lightweight PC games with simple mechanics capable of bewitching millions of gamers around the world. But the success of Popcap did start to peak when Plants vs. Zombies are so popular in PC and mobile market. The company began to grow and no longer just glance at games “light” as in the past. Innovation seeks to be injected through dbz dokkan battle hacks is present as a third person team-based multiplayer game reinforced with Frostbite Engine 3.0. Can all these achievements satisfy EA? Apparently not.

As was the case with some other developers under their flag, EA is rumored to also be doing mass layoffs in Popcap Games – not long after PvZ: Garden Warfare was released to the market. This confirmation has been launched by GM Popcap itself – John Vechey. Vechey mentioned that such a process is very painful for them, but essential to ensure Popcap’s existence in the mobile gaming market, and the birth of new game titles in the future. EA did refuse to give exact numbers, but the source of the information claimed by Kotaku is valid, mentioning that there will be about 30-40 employees will be confronted with their biggest nightmare.

Whether this is a dragon ball z dokkan battle is not a success on the market, or Plants vs. popularity. Zombies 2 that do not match the expectations of EA? There are no straightforward statements that justify this massively massive layoff. Hopefully these Pocap talents can migrate and strengthen other game developers. Oh Ea …

The Last of Us & dragon ball z dokkan battle Movie Will Adapt the Story of the Game Version

The process of adaptation of video games into a movie is no longer a new scene in the entertainment industry. With a strong fan base, especially with regard to game franchises that are already mature, such a process is considered a potential formula for success in the market. But unfortunately, the anticipation of more gamers ends in a big disappointment. There are so many similar processes that actually give birth to a movie that is opposite or even unrelated to the game version itself. Interpretation by Hollywood has become a nightmare for gamers. Not surprisingly, many are questioning Sony’s decision to bring one of its best games – The Last of Us goes through a similar process.

Recognized as one of the game with a remarkable plot, The Last of Us is one of the best games in the year 2013 ago. An unusual, emotional story, integrated very nicely with well-executed gameplay, makes this one game project look worthy to win all the awards presented to it. With confirmation of the adaptation film that slid out of Sony’s own mouth, how will Naughty Dog bring The dragon ball z dokkan battle astuce gratuit to the big screen?

The latest information from the creative director of the game version – Neil Druckmann was quite surprising. Instead of offering a new story, Druckmann confirmed that The Last of Us movie will adapt the same story as the movie version. Their focus will revolve around the most appropriate way to make sure their work looks good on the big screen, regardless of the unique nature of the two. Druckmann himself will be responsible for the script version of this movie, along with other Naughty Dog officials.

Does this mean the movie version of The Last of Us will come with a plot of the same story as the game version? If it was Naughty Dog’s decision, it would be very difficult to imagine how such an adaptation project would look attractive in the eyes of dragon ball z dokkan battle   gamers who had tasted The Last of Us to the ending end. Let’s wait for more details from Naughty Dog.