The Witcher 3 Delay Does Not Affect Cyberpunk 2077 & NBA Live Mobile

A journey to seek a perfection that will ultimately benefit gamers as a potential customer, CD Projekt’s decision to delay the release of The Witcher 3 seems to be something very understandable. Ambitious indeed, because they are desperate for a revamp on the visual side and drastic gameplay. The wider world, the more free gameplay, and the visual quality that can represent the next-gen’s taste become an inviolable mission. To that end, CD Projekt decided to postpone the release of The Witcher 3 until February 2015, giving an extra few months to achieve the quality they want. But this delay also creates other concerns.

Why? Because the current Projekt CD not only has the highly anticipated The Witcher 3 but also another next-gen project that is no less interesting РCyberpunk 2077. Although the confirmation has been rolled out, Projekt CD has not given any extra details about this one game, other than a Teaser showing the cyberpunk atmosphere that is obvious. Then with the delay of The Witcher 3, will  NBA Live Mobile coin hack 2017  also have to deal with a similar fate? Fortunately, no.

In his latest interview with gaming site – Gamespot, CEO of Projekt – Marcin Iwinski Project stated that the delay that occurred on The Witcher 3 will not at all give any effect on the development process of Cyberpunk 2077. The reason? Because both are built by two different development teams, although both are under the banner of CD Projekt. He also revealed that the two teams are even working hand in hand to ensure each project runs on schedule.

Unfortunately, Iwinski still choose mum about the release of NBA Live Mobile or what gaming platform he will stretcher. They have not even shown the form of in-game, visual quality, until the picture of what the gameplay will be the basis of this open-world RPG game this one. Well, it’s sort of good news for anyone who waits for both of them.

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