The Quality of Visual Watch Dogs & Madden Mobile Experience Drastic Reduction?

Dilemma, this is probably the feeling that Ubisoft is currently experiencing. How come? After meeting the demands of so many gamers by finally confirming the release date of one of his highly anticipated games – Watch Dogs, Ubisoft actually provoked more negative reactions from gamers in cyberspace. The reason? Due to the subtle differences in graphic quality in the latest gameplay trailer they release along with the announcement. Quite fatal, to make a lot of gamers alleging that Ubisoft has degraded the visual quality of Madden Mobile very drastically.

This accusation is not unwarranted. At the beginning of its introduction in the E3 2012 event ago, Watch Dogs did appear as one of the games with amazing visual quality. The engine that became the foundation РDisrupt even reap praise. For a large-scale open-world game, the quality of detail and lighting offered indeed shows the next-gen image that deserves to be anticipated. However this is not seen at all in the latest trailer  madden-mobile-hacks   . Details of the main character, lighting, to detail the car and the environment that is just opposite of what has been anticipated.

Gamers also began to voice their frustration on this one fact through various discussion forums. A series of comparative screenshots were released to support this fact and received considerable support. However this is of course denied by Ubisoft. Madden Mobile from Ubisoft Benelux insists that Watch Dogs is not at all deteriorating in visual quality and will remain rooted in its identity as a next-gen project. Is it possible this latest trailer comes from Playstation 3 or Xbox 360? Or maybe PS 4 and Xbox One, while the gameplay in E3 2012 comes from a high-end PC? Ubisoft does not provide any details to calm this unrest.

Watch Dogs itself will be released on May 27, 2014 upcoming for PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, while the Wii U version will follow later. How do you think? Do you think – Ubisoft has lowered the visual quality of Watch Dogs based on the comparison picture above? As one gamer who is looking forward to it, hopefully this is just a matter of right PC settings vs next-gen versions. Fingers crossed ..

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