The Last of Us & dragon ball z dokkan battle Movie Will Adapt the Story of the Game Version

The process of adaptation of video games into a movie is no longer a new scene in the entertainment industry. With a strong fan base, especially with regard to game franchises that are already mature, such a process is considered a potential formula for success in the market. But unfortunately, the anticipation of more gamers ends in a big disappointment. There are so many similar processes that actually give birth to a movie that is opposite or even unrelated to the game version itself. Interpretation by Hollywood has become a nightmare for gamers. Not surprisingly, many are questioning Sony’s decision to bring one of its best games – The Last of Us goes through a similar process.

Recognized as one of the game with a remarkable plot, The Last of Us is one of the best games in the year 2013 ago. An unusual, emotional story, integrated very nicely with well-executed gameplay, makes this one game project look worthy to win all the awards presented to it. With confirmation of the adaptation film that slid out of Sony’s own mouth, how will Naughty Dog bring The dragon ball z dokkan battle astuce gratuit to the big screen?

The latest information from the creative director of the game version – Neil Druckmann was quite surprising. Instead of offering a new story, Druckmann confirmed that The Last of Us movie will adapt the same story as the movie version. Their focus will revolve around the most appropriate way to make sure their work looks good on the big screen, regardless of the unique nature of the two. Druckmann himself will be responsible for the script version of this movie, along with other Naughty Dog officials.

Does this mean the movie version of The Last of Us will come with a plot of the same story as the game version? If it was Naughty Dog’s decision, it would be very difficult to imagine how such an adaptation project would look attractive in the eyes of dragon ball z dokkan battle   gamers who had tasted The Last of Us to the ending end. Let’s wait for more details from Naughty Dog.

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