Respawn & Madden Mobile Explains Reason 35 GB Audio File Titanfall

What do you expect when you hear the game that you are anticipating now it requires huge storage? Most of us will of course take a very understandable attitude and hope that the need for such a capacity will be paid with the quality of the existing gameplay. Because as is common practice, these needs usually contain texture and effect files of course Рrelevant to the current generation of the game industry. But this did not happen in Titanfall PC version. Almost 70% of the total requirement of 50 GB data that he stretches it contains only audio files. What really happened? Madden Mobile finally gave a little picture.

In an interview with Eurogamer, chief engineer Respawn – Richard Baker admitted that Titanfall PC version did inject about 35 GB of audio files in it. But at the same time, he also expressed the justification of the policies they took. Baker asserted that 35 GB of non-compressed audio files solely to help PC gamers with lower specifications to be able to enjoy Titanfall more optimally.
Respawn explains that the decision to inject 35 GB audio files to Titanfall PC version solely to help gamers with low specifications. Uncompressed audio files mean nullifying the CPU’s need for decompressing, which makes it more focused on “running” Madden Mobile .

By injecting raw audio files like this, the CPU will not be burdened with the work of decompressing audio files that Baker thinks, could have eaten one core on its own. With the logic of the CPU only in charge of handling the game, Titanfall will run more smoothly on a slower PC. This is evident with the needs of a minimum specification that is not as heavy as the games with the identity of “next-gen” the other.

Is this a valid excuse to “justify” the 35 GB action for this audio file? Unfortunately for us, who had tasted the Titanfall himself, still can not get into logic. Why? Because if Madden Mobile coins free departs from these considerations, they can actually get around this audio requirement by providing the option of just installing a language you understand without the need to force another language installation. This will certainly help gamers save much more storage for PC gamers. They seem to forget that there are PC gamers out there who also have to struggle with their limited data space.

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