PC Gaming Market Now Bigger Than Consoles!

PC is the strongest gaming platform right now, a fact that can no longer be contested. Its dynamic nature makes its ability to vary depending on the economic capabilities of its users, a trait that contradicts the console as a gaming product that can no longer be contested. Unfortunately, despite the fact that developers and publishers have a chance to present their games in the best form on this platform, the PC just seems unlucky. Many cool games that eventually skip the PC as a release platform. Fortunately, slowly but surely, it is now seen as a lucrative potential market. No kidding, the PC gaming market even claimed to have grown two times higher than the console and visit dragon ball z dokkan battle hack http://zngamehack.com/dragonballzdokkanbattlegen/ .

The results of this analysis is thrown by Jon Peddie Research (JPR) related to the development of the game industry today. Regardless of the release of Playstation 4 and Xbox One are still “fresh”, the dominance of the sales platform is actually held by the PC. The PC hardware market is currently worth more than USD 21.5 Billion worldwide, or twice that of the gaming console market. Ted Pollak of JPR suggests that many gamers are now more interested in investing their money to build mid-end and high-end PCs, offering easy performance to subdue the latest generation consoles. This is also a testament to showing the PC market itself is still strong and healthy.
The PC market is reportedly twice the price of the console, showing strong and healthy conditions.

So what’s the effect for us as gamers? If the claim thrown by JPR is true, then it would be very irrational for developers and publishers to skip the potential benefits they can get from the PC market. As a result, more AAA games are likely to slide for this one platform. Not only that, the potential to continue to grow is still wide open, especially with Virtual Reality technology that continues to get great attention. Because as we know, VRs like Oculus Rift require a high enough specification to be optimally enjoyed.

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