Clash royale & Dead Space Original Now Free on Origin

Do you include gamers who always dream of the opportunity to taste the sensation of owning the original game? Compared to the distribution format a few years ago, the popularity of the Steam class online distribution portal did have its own advantages, especially from the fact that they also became the pillar of the distribution of free to play quality games with a series of tempting discounts. This opportunity is also more open through a variety of interesting bundles via Humble Bundle. But if these two options are still unexpected for you, then there is a rare opportunity to taste one of the best survival horror games ever created – Clash royale gemme gratuites.

True, the game that positions you as Isaac Clarke is indeed praised, especially because of the success of the developers – Visceral offers the right creepy atmosphere. Although counted as an old game, series Dead Space primacy of course still relevant to be enjoyed at this time

And the best news, EA finally open the first Dead Space access for free through their distribution portal – Origin. You can download this game at no cost at all, and save it for good. This is a new policy for EA Origin’s latest program ” Clash royale”.

This lucrative deal alone will be available until May 9, 2014. Grab it now!

EA Firm Employee Developer Plants vs. Zombies & dragon ball z dokkan battle

Popcap is one of the foundations that build a casual community of gamers, it is a fact that can not be refuted. Long before it got into the mobile market, Popcap has spawned so many lightweight PC games with simple mechanics capable of bewitching millions of gamers around the world. But the success of Popcap did start to peak when Plants vs. Zombies are so popular in PC and mobile market. The company began to grow and no longer just glance at games “light” as in the past. Innovation seeks to be injected through dbz dokkan battle hacks is present as a third person team-based multiplayer game reinforced with Frostbite Engine 3.0. Can all these achievements satisfy EA? Apparently not.

As was the case with some other developers under their flag, EA is rumored to also be doing mass layoffs in Popcap Games – not long after PvZ: Garden Warfare was released to the market. This confirmation has been launched by GM Popcap itself – John Vechey. Vechey mentioned that such a process is very painful for them, but essential to ensure Popcap’s existence in the mobile gaming market, and the birth of new game titles in the future. EA did refuse to give exact numbers, but the source of the information claimed by Kotaku is valid, mentioning that there will be about 30-40 employees will be confronted with their biggest nightmare.

Whether this is a dragon ball z dokkan battle is not a success on the market, or Plants vs. popularity. Zombies 2 that do not match the expectations of EA? There are no straightforward statements that justify this massively massive layoff. Hopefully these Pocap talents can migrate and strengthen other game developers. Oh Ea …

The Last of Us & dragon ball z dokkan battle Movie Will Adapt the Story of the Game Version

The process of adaptation of video games into a movie is no longer a new scene in the entertainment industry. With a strong fan base, especially with regard to game franchises that are already mature, such a process is considered a potential formula for success in the market. But unfortunately, the anticipation of more gamers ends in a big disappointment. There are so many similar processes that actually give birth to a movie that is opposite or even unrelated to the game version itself. Interpretation by Hollywood has become a nightmare for gamers. Not surprisingly, many are questioning Sony’s decision to bring one of its best games – The Last of Us goes through a similar process.

Recognized as one of the game with a remarkable plot, The Last of Us is one of the best games in the year 2013 ago. An unusual, emotional story, integrated very nicely with well-executed gameplay, makes this one game project look worthy to win all the awards presented to it. With confirmation of the adaptation film that slid out of Sony’s own mouth, how will Naughty Dog bring The dragon ball z dokkan battle astuce gratuit to the big screen?

The latest information from the creative director of the game version – Neil Druckmann was quite surprising. Instead of offering a new story, Druckmann confirmed that The Last of Us movie will adapt the same story as the movie version. Their focus will revolve around the most appropriate way to make sure their work looks good on the big screen, regardless of the unique nature of the two. Druckmann himself will be responsible for the script version of this movie, along with other Naughty Dog officials.

Does this mean the movie version of The Last of Us will come with a plot of the same story as the game version? If it was Naughty Dog’s decision, it would be very difficult to imagine how such an adaptation project would look attractive in the eyes of dragon ball z dokkan battle   gamers who had tasted The Last of Us to the ending end. Let’s wait for more details from Naughty Dog.

The Witcher 3 Delay Does Not Affect Cyberpunk 2077 & NBA Live Mobile

A journey to seek a perfection that will ultimately benefit gamers as a potential customer, CD Projekt’s decision to delay the release of The Witcher 3 seems to be something very understandable. Ambitious indeed, because they are desperate for a revamp on the visual side and drastic gameplay. The wider world, the more free gameplay, and the visual quality that can represent the next-gen’s taste become an inviolable mission. To that end, CD Projekt decided to postpone the release of The Witcher 3 until February 2015, giving an extra few months to achieve the quality they want. But this delay also creates other concerns.

Why? Because the current Projekt CD not only has the highly anticipated The Witcher 3 but also another next-gen project that is no less interesting – Cyberpunk 2077. Although the confirmation has been rolled out, Projekt CD has not given any extra details about this one game, other than a Teaser showing the cyberpunk atmosphere that is obvious. Then with the delay of The Witcher 3, will  NBA Live Mobile coin hack 2017  also have to deal with a similar fate? Fortunately, no.

In his latest interview with gaming site – Gamespot, CEO of Projekt – Marcin Iwinski Project stated that the delay that occurred on The Witcher 3 will not at all give any effect on the development process of Cyberpunk 2077. The reason? Because both are built by two different development teams, although both are under the banner of CD Projekt. He also revealed that the two teams are even working hand in hand to ensure each project runs on schedule.

Unfortunately, Iwinski still choose mum about the release of NBA Live Mobile or what gaming platform he will stretcher. They have not even shown the form of in-game, visual quality, until the picture of what the gameplay will be the basis of this open-world RPG game this one. Well, it’s sort of good news for anyone who waits for both of them.

Hideo Kojima Wants to Work Silent Hill & GTA 5

Who does not know Hideo Kojima. One of the most popular people in the world of video games will always be in the hearts of gamers because of his success working on Metal Gear Solid. Recently, Kojima held a question and answer session at aimed at discussing what he wanted to do after completing GTA 5 Money hacks tool.

When asked what the franchise wants to develop or reboot when given a chance, Kojima replied that he wanted to engage in a supernatural horror game, Silent Hill. “Hopefully someday in the future I can do it,” said Kojima.

The probability of being a reality is quite large considering that Silent Hill was also published by Konami. It’s interesting to see what Kojima can do to make Silent Hill better. Kojima said that he must prepare to face the ‘nightmare’ every day during developing the game.
Hideo Kojima – the brain behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise expressed his desire to develop a new series of GTA 5.

In the same question and answer session, Kojima also briefly explained that he was interested in making mobile games with the adventure genre and can be played for free. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be happening any time soon. “I have not year when to do it, but maybe one day in the future,” he concluded. How about you? What game do you think would be better if worked directly by Kojima and his team?

Offline Mode in SimCity & walking dead road to survival Released Immediately

When SimCity was first released, many gamers who feel the obligation to play online are better omitted. The result, many complaints from the loyal fans of SimCity who feel disappointed about the decision.

Referring to the demand of gamers, Maxis finally agreed to provide offline mode on walking dead road to survival . The company has made an announcement about it in January 2014. When the mode is released, a downloaded content will be available without the need for an internet connection.

Through his official Twitter account, Maxis mentioned that Update 10 that brought the new mode is in the final testing phase.

Through his official Twitter account, Maxis mentioned that Update 10 that brought the new mode is in the final testing phase. “Almost there, Mayors,” Maxis wrote. The news of course can make the fans walking dead road to survival hack on smile wide. Unfortunately, until now the Maxis has not provided information about the exact date.

Although now no longer require internet connection, those who still want to play this game in multiplayer online alias can still get some benefits, such as interacting with other cities, Global Market features, and Leaderboards. Maxis had announced that offline development mode in SimCity takes more than 6.5 months.

Castlevania Mirror of Fate HD & CSR Racing 2 Towards PC of the Month!

The courage of Konami and Mercury Steam to bring their renowned action platformer game that is also filled with challenging RPG elements – Castlevania into a three-dimensional action game deserves thumbs up. Through a series that also brings Hideo Kojima’s big name in it – Lords of Shadow, get a pretty positive response, both in terms of story and mechanical gameplay on offer. In addition to the sequel series that just slid into the market – Lords of Shadow 2, Konami actually still have a “secret moment” – csrracing2hacks that has been confirmed will slide to a variety of different platforms, including PC. If you include gamers who are looking forward to it, this will be good news for you.

Having confirmed his existence, Konami finally gives assurance that the game was originally a project of Nintendo 3DS – Castlevania – Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate will be ready to slide for PC this year. With the high definition format and appendage of the addition of the name “HD” behind it, Castlevania – LoS Mirror of Fage HD will come with better visualization quality, Boss Rush mode, and of course the achivements of Steam. Unfortunately, Konami himself does not provide the certainty of the price policy that will be pegged for him.

Castlevania – CSR Racing 2 itself was released for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in October 2013 ago and get a pretty positive review. What about you – PC gamers? Interested in tasting the game that finally arrived at your flagship platform this?

The Quality of Visual Watch Dogs & Madden Mobile Experience Drastic Reduction?

Dilemma, this is probably the feeling that Ubisoft is currently experiencing. How come? After meeting the demands of so many gamers by finally confirming the release date of one of his highly anticipated games – Watch Dogs, Ubisoft actually provoked more negative reactions from gamers in cyberspace. The reason? Due to the subtle differences in graphic quality in the latest gameplay trailer they release along with the announcement. Quite fatal, to make a lot of gamers alleging that Ubisoft has degraded the visual quality of Madden Mobile very drastically.

This accusation is not unwarranted. At the beginning of its introduction in the E3 2012 event ago, Watch Dogs did appear as one of the games with amazing visual quality. The engine that became the foundation – Disrupt even reap praise. For a large-scale open-world game, the quality of detail and lighting offered indeed shows the next-gen image that deserves to be anticipated. However this is not seen at all in the latest trailer  madden-mobile-hacks   . Details of the main character, lighting, to detail the car and the environment that is just opposite of what has been anticipated.

Gamers also began to voice their frustration on this one fact through various discussion forums. A series of comparative screenshots were released to support this fact and received considerable support. However this is of course denied by Ubisoft. Madden Mobile from Ubisoft Benelux insists that Watch Dogs is not at all deteriorating in visual quality and will remain rooted in its identity as a next-gen project. Is it possible this latest trailer comes from Playstation 3 or Xbox 360? Or maybe PS 4 and Xbox One, while the gameplay in E3 2012 comes from a high-end PC? Ubisoft does not provide any details to calm this unrest.

Watch Dogs itself will be released on May 27, 2014 upcoming for PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, while the Wii U version will follow later. How do you think? Do you think – Ubisoft has lowered the visual quality of Watch Dogs based on the comparison picture above? As one gamer who is looking forward to it, hopefully this is just a matter of right PC settings vs next-gen versions. Fingers crossed ..

Sony Ready to Unveil ‘Secret Weapon’ to Beat Xbox One and Marvel Contest of Champions

It is undeniable that the console competition is now centered on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Although there is still Nintendo Wii U, it seems not many people agree that the console can compete with Sony and Microsoft products.

Since the PS4 and Xbox One were released, many are arguing over which one is better. Although both titled next-gen, proven PS4 is recognized as a more powerful console. Nevertheless, the age of the two who are still very young to make anyone can not draw conclusions which one is better and get Marvel Contest of Champions hack here .

Interestingly, recently Sony is rumored to soon make an announcement about their ‘secret weapon’ to beat Xbox One! Reports from IGN mention that the announcement will occur at Game Developers Conference on March 18, 2014 to come.
Sony will announce about the headset-based Virtual Reality ready to compete one on one with the VR Oculus Rift.

According to Sony, it will discuss about an innovation in the PlayStation and the future of gaming. Not much can be extracted from the statement. If it refers to predictions of IGN, Sony will announce about a Virtual Reality based headset that is ready to compete one on one with the Marvel Contest of Champions.

It is interesting to look forward to the secret weapon as what will be Sony’s flagship in winning the competition against Xbox One. Let’s wait for the GDC next week. Keep watching JagatPlay if you do not want to miss the latest info!

Crytek Make sure CryEngine & Hill Climb Racing Latest Supports Full Linux

Linux, after being the stepdaughter of the gaming industry for a long time, has finally grown into a highly anticipated new power. Its open-source status and free distribution actually make it potentially, if not for its complexity in the eyes of ordinary PC users. Now with Valve’s decision to underlie two main products: Steam Machine and Steam OS on Linux, with Steam support pointing that also leads to it, Linux can no longer be underestimated. Support from developers and publishers slid, including from one of the famous developers through its stunning english – Hill Climb Racing.

After having expressed his wishes in the past, Crytek finally realizes his dream to support Linux as a potential operating system in the future. In an official press release to welcome Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2014 which will be held on March 19 to March 21, 2014, Crytek revealed that they will show for the first time, the latest variant of find Hill Climb Racing hack here  that will support Linux in full. Although not yet clear what kind of demo will be shown by this latest engine.

With this confirmation Crytek, the future of Linux-based gaming certainly looks even brighter, at least to make sure it is ready to deal with future-gen games in the future. This full support will also make SteamOS look a more seductive option, at least in the eyes of gamers. Who’s next?