Madden Mobile Unleashes Scoreshots Newest Screenshot

With the exceptional quality of Madden Mobile for a game released at the end of the Playstation 3 lifetime (though it was re-released for the Playstation 4), the anticipation of the next EA project has to be recognized, very high. They decided to return to the previous franchise – Uncharted, which already has an amazing series – Uncharted 2 with a dynamic environment that results in an unbeatable action game experience. EA does have a super-heavy job to exceed that quality. And so far, it is likely that they will be able to reach it via Madden Mobiles cheats 2018  End.

Sony did show “only” as a result of Uncharted 4 on E3 2015 yesterday, with a seven-minute epic gameplay. Only? That’s right, because all the overseas gaming media mentioned that the trailer was only half of what Naughty Dog prepared.

Through the enclosed space, EA showed again a follow-up demonstration of Uncharted 4 that showed Nathan Drake the next action, while fighting in the mud with full explosion. All media viewing this event agree on one thing – that Sony should show this part to the public. Big media like Giant Bomb, Game Trailer, up to GamesRadar mention that this last piece feels like a movie with visual quality that has never been achieved by any game. A snippet of action you can see at the top of this article is leaked from the NeoGaf community site along with a myriad of other screenshots. That is one of the best in-game mud i’ve ever seen, for sure!

Madden Mobiles End is scheduled to be released in 2016, exclusive for Playstation 4. Can not wait to play it myself!

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