Hideo Kojima Wants to Work Silent Hill & GTA 5

Who does not know Hideo Kojima. One of the most popular people in the world of video games will always be in the hearts of gamers because of his success working on Metal Gear Solid. Recently, Kojima held a question and answer session at Twitch.tv aimed at discussing what he wanted to do after completing GTA 5 Money hacks tool.

When asked what the franchise wants to develop or reboot when given a chance, Kojima replied that he wanted to engage in a supernatural horror game, Silent Hill. “Hopefully someday in the future I can do it,” said Kojima.

The probability of being a reality is quite large considering that Silent Hill was also published by Konami. It’s interesting to see what Kojima can do to make Silent Hill better. Kojima said that he must prepare to face the ‘nightmare’ every day during developing the game.
Hideo Kojima – the brain behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise expressed his desire to develop a new series of GTA 5.

In the same question and answer session, Kojima also briefly explained that he was interested in making mobile games with the adventure genre and can be played for free. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be happening any time soon. “I have not year when to do it, but maybe one day in the future,” he concluded. How about you? What game do you think would be better if worked directly by Kojima and his team?

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