Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Android ver Review

The game is very awaited by the fans who average the 90’s gamers finally comes also on Android. Surely this becomes a special surprise from Natsume which is enough to make excited the fans of Harvest Moon because previously only present on the IOS. KotGa crew opportunity to review the Android version is certainly not much different from its IOS version. Let’s just see the direct details.

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is a Harvest Moon game with a system of antiquity you’ve ever known (if ever played Back to Nature). All features such as cooking contests, starry night festivals, cooking based on recipes and ingredients obtained from the fields, upgrading gardening tools, mineing, socializing with local people and more and how hack NBA Live Mobile .

The game system presented to Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is a gameplay of the first Harvest Moon series, as promised by Natsume Inc. Some time ago. Gamers are assigned to repair and care for the fields, players also need to make friends with the villagers to open “Seeds of Memories”. This can be solved by giving favorite objects to the residents.

In this game, Kotakers can take care of farm animals like sheep, cows and chickens. In caring for cattle, Kotakers must be patient and careful to maintain their moods such as feeding regularly, talking and giving body. The better the mood then the higher the quality of the harvest they provide. The harvest of the chicken is the egg, the harvest of the cow is milk, and the harvest of the sheep is the fur.

Then also plant a variety of vegetables such as onions, radishes, tomatoes, and beautiful flowers in the area of ​​the plantation that has been provided. Like the Harvest Moon series in general, the types of vegetables that can be planted in this game depends on the season. What spring, summer, different, autumn let alone, and winter can not plant anything in the fields.

Despite bringing the old game system, but the appearance of this game is not the same. So do not expect that this game will look like Back to Nature because Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories using the viewing angle from above and of course with good graphics and animation. Besides graphics, control is a very new one in this game because NBA Live Mobile gamers have to control the game with a touch, not a controller like in the console.

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