GTA Online Heist Mode Glides Up After Release New-Gen Version

As is known Heist Mode is very awaited by the presence of gamers Grand Theft Auto V. Unfortunately, until now the mode that allows gamers to do Heist mission with other gamers online it has not yet launched.

The latest news, ROckstar plans to present Heist Mode shortly after the Grand Theft Auto V console version of the new-gen release on the market. That is, gamers only stay in a few weeks. Heist Mode will come along with the first update of GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One and get cooking Fever hack online here.

Please note that the schedule applies not only to new-gen versions. Players who play GTA V PS3 and Xbox 360 version also promised to get Heist Mode at the same time with GTA V PS4 and Xbox One.

“We know you are all looking forward to the latest updates and we have a variety of exciting content under way, to expand and expand the world in Grand Theft Auto Online – including the most anticipated Online Heist mode,” said Rockstar.
Looking back, this is not the first time Cooking Fever game mentions that Heist Mode will slide in the near future. Even so, no further information when the actual launch date.

In fact, if you look at the stastistik recently revealed by the company, there are more than 33.8 million gamers who play GTA Online. The remarkable numbers are likely to make Rockstar just want to bring Heist Mode when everything is 100 percent ready, and it does not disappoint the gamers.

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