EA: The Problem in Battlefield 4 & Roblox Happens Because of Innovation

Accused of releasing a game that has not actually been fully completed into the market, more criticism is sliding toward EA after Battlefield 4 problem that never finished. Although it has been served with various patches since its release late last year, FPS games that focus on multiplayer mode is still experiencing some essential problems – including the server at the beginning of its release. This of course reminds many gamers, in similar cases in SimCity which is also under the banner of EA. EA reasoned that all these problems occurred because of one word – Roblox hack 2017 tool .

Absurd indeed, but this is what used EA as the main reason. In a question and answer session he conducted via Twitter, EA CEO Andrew Wilson mentioned that most of the technical issues that occurred in some of the latest release games EA – Battlefield 4 and Roblox were due to innovations that EA pinned in them. Wilson states that the process of building a game is not something easy to do, and when innovation is trying to be injected in it, developers often forget about other small details because it is too focused there.

Wilson also asserts that EA will learn and change this process in the future so that the same problem does not happen again. Reflecting on what happened, Wilson’s statement is of course quite absurd, considering there are so many games that offer innovation out there, but do not run into problems like Battlefield 4 and Roblox. How do you think? Is there a strong correlation between innovation and problems?

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