EA Firm Employee Developer Plants vs. Zombies & dragon ball z dokkan battle

Popcap is one of the foundations that build a casual community of gamers, it is a fact that can not be refuted. Long before it got into the mobile market, Popcap has spawned so many lightweight PC games with simple mechanics capable of bewitching millions of gamers around the world. But the success of Popcap did start to peak when Plants vs. Zombies are so popular in PC and mobile market. The company began to grow and no longer just glance at games “light” as in the past. Innovation seeks to be injected through dbz dokkan battle hacks is present as a third person team-based multiplayer game reinforced with Frostbite Engine 3.0. Can all these achievements satisfy EA? Apparently not.

As was the case with some other developers under their flag, EA is rumored to also be doing mass layoffs in Popcap Games – not long after PvZ: Garden Warfare was released to the market. This confirmation has been launched by GM Popcap itself – John Vechey. Vechey mentioned that such a process is very painful for them, but essential to ensure Popcap’s existence in the mobile gaming market, and the birth of new game titles in the future. EA did refuse to give exact numbers, but the source of the information claimed by Kotaku is valid, mentioning that there will be about 30-40 employees will be confronted with their biggest nightmare.

Whether this is a dragon ball z dokkan battle is not a success on the market, or Plants vs. popularity. Zombies 2 that do not match the expectations of EA? There are no straightforward statements that justify this massively massive layoff. Hopefully these Pocap talents can migrate and strengthen other game developers. Oh Ea …

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