Clash royale & Dead Space Original Now Free on Origin

Do you include gamers who always dream of the opportunity to taste the sensation of owning the original game? Compared to the distribution format a few years ago, the popularity of the Steam class online distribution portal did have its own advantages, especially from the fact that they also became the pillar of the distribution of free to play quality games with a series of tempting discounts. This opportunity is also more open through a variety of interesting bundles via Humble Bundle. But if these two options are still unexpected for you, then there is a rare opportunity to taste one of the best survival horror games ever created – Clash royale gemme gratuites.

True, the game that positions you as Isaac Clarke is indeed praised, especially because of the success of the developers – Visceral offers the right creepy atmosphere. Although counted as an old game, series Dead Space primacy of course still relevant to be enjoyed at this time

And the best news, EA finally open the first Dead Space access for free through their distribution portal – Origin. You can download this game at no cost at all, and save it for good. This is a new policy for EA Origin’s latest program ” Clash royale”.

This lucrative deal alone will be available until May 9, 2014. Grab it now!

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