Final Fantasy XV Demo May Be Only Temporary

The population of JRPG fan gamers may be divided into two big camps – those who are fed up or are still waiting patiently for the Final Fantasy XV presence that has been developed for more than seven years. Wave of optimism is a little flowing after the development process responsibility helmet has been handed Square Enix from Tetsuya Nomura to Hajime Tabata. Unlike the more famous Nomura through its quiet nature, Tabata consistently throws new information related to Final Fantasy XV – from gameplay trailers to Luminous engine demonstrations that he stretcher. The most interesting part? Of course the planned demo will be released in 2015. But there is one new information that may be disappointing and get roblox robux hack .

Distributed as extra content for the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD release later, the Final Fantasy XV demo became one of the effective driving motors to increase HD Remaster project sales. But instead of distributing it permanently, Tabata has a discourse to only provide this demo in a limited time. This he revealed in an interview with Square Enix Presents not long ago.

Instead of making a continuous demo accessible, Tabata wants to close it after a certain period of time. This he calls the way to make the existence of this demo itself special. Nevertheless, Tabata reveals that this is still a mere discourse and there has been no definite decision on this distribution method. One thing for sure, he ensures that the roblox  demo can only be obtained via download and not from the in-disc content of FF Type-0 HD Remaster itself.

The demo itself will load about 2-4 hours of content, depending on how “diligent” the explorers action is done by gamers. Unfortunately, Tabata still can not provide certainty when Final Fantasy XV for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Please do not do it, Tabata ..

GTA Online Heist Mode Glides Up After Release New-Gen Version

As is known Heist Mode is very awaited by the presence of gamers Grand Theft Auto V. Unfortunately, until now the mode that allows gamers to do Heist mission with other gamers online it has not yet launched.

The latest news, ROckstar plans to present Heist Mode shortly after the Grand Theft Auto V console version of the new-gen release on the market. That is, gamers only stay in a few weeks. Heist Mode will come along with the first update of GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One and get cooking Fever hack online here.

Please note that the schedule applies not only to new-gen versions. Players who play GTA V PS3 and Xbox 360 version also promised to get Heist Mode at the same time with GTA V PS4 and Xbox One.

“We know you are all looking forward to the latest updates and we have a variety of exciting content under way, to expand and expand the world in Grand Theft Auto Online – including the most anticipated Online Heist mode,” said Rockstar.
Looking back, this is not the first time Cooking Fever game mentions that Heist Mode will slide in the near future. Even so, no further information when the actual launch date.

In fact, if you look at the stastistik recently revealed by the company, there are more than 33.8 million gamers who play GTA Online. The remarkable numbers are likely to make Rockstar just want to bring Heist Mode when everything is 100 percent ready, and it does not disappoint the gamers.

Dragon Age: Inquisition PC Also Can not Be Hijacked?

Game developers and publishers seem to have found a new weapon against piracy, and so far have been very effective. The opportunity to dominate the “holy war” that has been going on for decades leads to a name that is so creepy in the eyes of farm gamers – Denuvo. You just follow the game news for the last few weeks, of course have heard of this one name. For those of you who have not, Denuvo is a new anti-piracy system that so far can not be solved. Two games that make the Denuvo as a base of protection – FIFA 15 and Lords of the Fallen proved still can not be hijacked until the second of this article was released. Latest games from Bioware – Roblox hack online¬† is also certain to be present with this one system.

Bad news for you who are waiting for pirated version Dragon Age: Inquisition, You seem to be starting to be willing to spend money for the original version or wait longer until the time limit can not be determined. The reason? Bioware just confirmed that Dragon Age: Inquisition PC version will also be protected by Denuvo.

In their official forum post, one of Bioware’s employees clarified that Denuvo is not a DRM system as it has been reported. He mentioned that Denuvo makes the game .exe files unmodified in any way. Given the majority of pirated PC games currently do modify. Exe files, Denuvo also run very effectively.

So far, Denuvo is not yet solved, let alone see the case of Roblox game and Lords of the Fallen as the main evidence. Dragon Age: Inquisition will be a new battlefield that will prove, indeed, indeed, Denuvo can not be “destroyed” in the near future or not. Because if indeed the hackers have not been able to subdue the epic RPG game from Bioware, Denuvo will grow into an effective anti-piracy system that will be crowded used by other publishers in the future. Prepare your wallet ..