Rockstar Explains the Reason Behind the Delay of GTA V PC

After a mystery for a long time, Rockstar finally officially announced the release ladder GTA V latest generation version. The “fall 2014” reply Rockstar always kept from his announcement at the 2014 E3 event finally gets the exact details, a date that deserves to be anticipated. Especially considering Rockstar itself claims this latest version will come with the addition of significant content, although most seem to be cosmetic. Unfortunately a thousand dear, PC gamers will not be able to taste this dragon ball z dokkan battle as fast as they want and get hack tool on .

Although it has denied there is a delay process to the year 2015, Rockstar just confirmed it in GTA V PC version. GTA V version of Playstation 4 and Xbox One can already be enjoyed since November 2014, but new PC gamers can touch it in early January 2015, delayed several months. What is the reason behind this delay? Understanding the concerns of PC gamers, in their official blog, Rockstar explains that this extra time is needed to ensure GTA V PC version comes in the best possible quality. They want to polish it as best they can. Rockstar also promises to share more details in the next few weeks.
Rockstar reasoned that extra time is needed to polish GTA V PC version as well as possible.

dragon ball z dokkan battle Playstation 4 and Xbox One will launch November 18, 2014, while the PC version will follow on January 27, 2015. Well, hope it turns out really awesome, Rockstar ..