Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Android ver Review

The game is very awaited by the fans who average the 90’s gamers finally comes also on Android. Surely this becomes a special surprise from Natsume which is enough to make excited the fans of Harvest Moon because previously only present on the IOS. KotGa crew opportunity to review the Android version is certainly not much different from its IOS version. Let’s just see the direct details.

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is a Harvest Moon game with a system of antiquity you’ve ever known (if ever played Back to Nature). All features such as cooking contests, starry night festivals, cooking based on recipes and ingredients obtained from the fields, upgrading gardening tools, mineing, socializing with local people and more and how hack NBA Live Mobile .

The game system presented to Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is a gameplay of the first Harvest Moon series, as promised by Natsume Inc. Some time ago. Gamers are assigned to repair and care for the fields, players also need to make friends with the villagers to open “Seeds of Memories”. This can be solved by giving favorite objects to the residents.

In this game, Kotakers can take care of farm animals like sheep, cows and chickens. In caring for cattle, Kotakers must be patient and careful to maintain their moods such as feeding regularly, talking and giving body. The better the mood then the higher the quality of the harvest they provide. The harvest of the chicken is the egg, the harvest of the cow is milk, and the harvest of the sheep is the fur.

Then also plant a variety of vegetables such as onions, radishes, tomatoes, and beautiful flowers in the area of ​​the plantation that has been provided. Like the Harvest Moon series in general, the types of vegetables that can be planted in this game depends on the season. What spring, summer, different, autumn let alone, and winter can not plant anything in the fields.

Despite bringing the old game system, but the appearance of this game is not the same. So do not expect that this game will look like Back to Nature because Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories using the viewing angle from above and of course with good graphics and animation. Besides graphics, control is a very new one in this game because NBA Live Mobile gamers have to control the game with a touch, not a controller like in the console.

PC Gaming Market Now Bigger Than Consoles!

PC is the strongest gaming platform right now, a fact that can no longer be contested. Its dynamic nature makes its ability to vary depending on the economic capabilities of its users, a trait that contradicts the console as a gaming product that can no longer be contested. Unfortunately, despite the fact that developers and publishers have a chance to present their games in the best form on this platform, the PC just seems unlucky. Many cool games that eventually skip the PC as a release platform. Fortunately, slowly but surely, it is now seen as a lucrative potential market. No kidding, the PC gaming market even claimed to have grown two times higher than the console and visit dragon ball z dokkan battle hack http://zngamehack.com/dragonballzdokkanbattlegen/ .

The results of this analysis is thrown by Jon Peddie Research (JPR) related to the development of the game industry today. Regardless of the release of Playstation 4 and Xbox One are still “fresh”, the dominance of the sales platform is actually held by the PC. The PC hardware market is currently worth more than USD 21.5 Billion worldwide, or twice that of the gaming console market. Ted Pollak of JPR suggests that many gamers are now more interested in investing their money to build mid-end and high-end PCs, offering easy performance to subdue the latest generation consoles. This is also a testament to showing the PC market itself is still strong and healthy.
The PC market is reportedly twice the price of the console, showing strong and healthy conditions.

So what’s the effect for us as gamers? If the claim thrown by JPR is true, then it would be very irrational for developers and publishers to skip the potential benefits they can get from the PC market. As a result, more AAA games are likely to slide for this one platform. Not only that, the potential to continue to grow is still wide open, especially with Virtual Reality technology that continues to get great attention. Because as we know, VRs like Oculus Rift require a high enough specification to be optimally enjoyed.

Square Enix: Kingdom Hearts 3 In Full Speed!

Hate and love, skeptical and hopeful at the same time, it is this relationship that seems to be decorating everyday developers – Square Enix with a fan base sharing so many precious moments with it. After having performed so stunningly in E3 2013 ago through the announcement of Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3, all the hype that was built must be destroyed this year. The first six months of 2014, and gamers are completely blind and do not get any updated information supply related to these two latest generation series. They even passed the event E3 2014 yesterday without a strong reason. The question now, how are the development process?

In his interview with GameInformer gaming site, co-director Madden Mobile hack – Tai Yasue assured that the development process of Sora’s latest adventure series is going very well, even running at full speed. The team structure has been built in such a way as to ensure the KH HD 2.5 Remix project does not hamper the development of Kingdom Hearts 3 at all. Currently, their teams are still trying out a variety of potential that can be embedded in it, especially from creative content and technology carried. One of the focuses today is to develop more variations of attraction-based attacks that had been the focus of the last Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay trailer some time ago. Not only that, they are also trying to offer more new content from Disney world. Yasue even claimed to be interested in “Frozen”.

So what makes them ignore E3 2014 yesterday to provide extra information related to Kingdom Hearts 3? Yasue confessed that Square Enix did make this year the year of Madden Mobile remix and focused on promoting the series for the Playstation 3. Yasue did claim to provide more information related to Kingdom Hearts 3 in future gaming events, though still without any details.